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The Organization Aide Humaitaire Tchadienne (AHUT) was founded in 2015 by Mr. Muhammet Yildiz from Netherlands/ Turkey. He made great efforts and contributions to improve the life conditions and prospects of the people of Chad and Cameroon under the umbrella of  AHUT. He has gained expertise and experience by realizing many projects.

After quitting AHUT, he took over an NGO, established in 2014, called Organisation Humanitaire pourl`assistance et le Développement (OHAD). in 2019 restructured the OHAD in the field of humanitarian aid.

  • The ultimate goal of OHAD is to strengthen the people and communities to stand on their own feet. It has a large list of projects in our portfolio, with particular attention to building water wells ,the care of orphans, Education, Mosques and Cultural Centers, Poverty Reduction as Foods Distribution, Gouts Distribution, Qurban Or Sacrificing, Health, Agriculture and Emergency Disasters.

Mr. Yıldız has organized projects and arranged funds from NGO’s in Europe and Asia, helping them to achieve their goals and organizing their visits to Chad and Cameroon.

Mr. Yıldız has also organized hundreds of projects for more than 14 NGO’s from abroad, reaching millions of people in Chad and Cameroon.

Our Mission


Think Big. Act Bigger.